We accept reservations on a first come first serve basis. You may make a reservation by calling (906)-369-5369 or
email us at - we will check availability and get back to you as soon as possible.  
We ask for a deposit of one night rental per unit reserved. All rates are subject to a 9% sales tax. Your credit card will
be charged at this time for the NON REFUNDABLE deposit plus tax. RESERVATION IS CONFIRMED WHEN
DEPOSIT IS MADE. We accept Visa, Master card, Discover Card and American Express to hold your reservation.
Upon booking we will confirm your reservation via email or regular mail if email not available, time permitting. Your
deposit will be listed on your confirmation form. Credit card transaction will be emailed also. The balance of your
stay will be charged at time of check in or the following morning for late check in.


You may request late check in after normal business hours and we will make appropriate arrangements for you. Late
check outs (12 PM) will be granted if time permits, please check with owner.


Summer - If cancellation is made one month or more prior to arrival date you will only forfeit your deposit. If you
cancel within a month of arrival date you will be charged for your entire stay in full, unless we can fill your reservation.
Winter - If cancellation is made three weeks or more prior to arrival date you will only forfeit your deposit. If you
cancel within the three week period you will be charged for your entire stay in full, unless we can fill your reservation.

We have no control over the weather, personal plans and or misfortunes. None of these are sufficient reasons for
cancellation and or refund. We may make exceptions to these policies based on lack of snow and in the off season at
our discretion.


We encourage everyone to enjoy our complex and amenities and to have a fun filled vacation. However should you
damage our property, buildings, contents or take any items you will be charged for any and all damages or missing
items. If your behavior is disruptive to other guests you may be asked to leave in which case no refunds will be given
and you will be responsible to pay for the entire stay you have booked. In the case of theft of items from our complex
or cabins you will be charged replacement cost for the items taken.


You may have visitors at your cabin but any additional persons on site after 1 AM will be considered additional guests
and you will be charged $10.00 per person. We encourage quiet after 10 PM and no noise after midnight so all
guests may relax.


We welcome pets at our complex and ask that you follow some simple rules.
You must keep your pet on a leash or crated at all times.
Your pet may not be unattended unless crated.
Your pet must not bark so as to annoy other guests.
You must clean up after your pet.
You are responsible for any damage caused by your pet.
You will be charged $25.00 for a pet in a cabin.
Please keep pets off of the furniture and beds. If your pet is not trained to stay off please provide a cover for the
furniture so as not to have it covered in hair and or pet smells. If your pet has an accident on carpeting you should
contact the owners for assistance with cleaning at the earliest convenience during the day.
If your pet shows any sign of aggressive behavior it will not be allowed to remain on our property for the safety of
other guests.

Wilderness Resort LLC will not be held responsible for loss of money, jewelry or any valuables belonging to you or
members of your party.

For your security and the security of our buildings we ask that you lock the windows and doors when leaving the
building. When leaving the unit during the winter months especially please make sure the doors and windows are
closed to conserve energy.  Leaving doors and windows open may result in additional charges. Please also see Kitchen
use policies posted on our website and in the directory in your cabin.
I agree to pay for all charges and to be held personally responsible for these charges.


You may not smoke in any of our units. If smoke is detected by cleaning staff the person who reserved the room will
be charged $250.00 for cleaning services. Additional charges may apply if we are not able to remove smoke smell
and have to call in a professional cleaner. If we have to delay or turn away other guests, charges may result for this
also. Smoking is permitted outside of our units where you will find a can to place cigarette butts.  


We now provide a microwave for heating food or beverages and a coffee pot in our rooms. We do not permit other
cookware such as hot plates, or griddles. These units are not intended to be cooking units and are not set up for this
purpose. If you have an accidental spill in the unit that may stain something we ask you contact us for assistance with
cleaning it so as not to ruin something.  If cooking odors are strong and we are not able to get rid of them prior to the
next check in you may be responsible for any lost rentals and any professional cleaning service that may be needed.   


Some folks have asked what we mean by Housekeeping Unit so here is our explanation of what we would expect.
We keep our prices as low as we can based on you the guest assuming part of the responsibility for keeping up the
unit during your stay. We would expect the dishes to be clean and put back where they were found. Light sweeping
and vacuuming as needed, all things are provided. Clean up of minor spills and such. (Contact us for spills that may
stain.) If staying 7 days we will provide one towel change upon request. If staying less than a week and you require
more towels we ask that you bring them with you. Linen is only changed out if staying longer than 7 days.

We do not wish to charge any guest extra, but in light of ongoing issues we now find it necessary to make this policy
addition. (Please do not make us use this part of the policy)

WINDOWS FOUND OPEN DURING STAY OR AFTER STAY:       $25.00 (Winter  - Per occurrence)
(Exceptions may apply!)
HEAT LEFT ABOVE 75 DEG AFTER CHECK OUT         $50.00 (Cabin, A or B)
                                                                                     $75.00 (Motel)
Heat should be left at (65 deg - winter only) in rooms - (Med - winter only) in motel bathrooms.

The person who rents our units must be present during the rental. NO sub leasing, allowing or borrowing of rental
units is permitted. All guest in party with the exception of children 17 and under who are staying with a parent or
guardian must register. You must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid ID to rent a room.

Revised: 05/17/2019 RO