Owners of Wilderness Resort are; Rick & Michele Olson and Darron &
Jamie Olson.
Rick and Darron are brothers who are the sons of the late Don and Barb
Olson, who owned the former Wilderness Bar which is now the site of
Wilderness Resort. The property has been in the Olson family since 1970
and the former Wilderness Bar closed in 1978. The property has sat idle
until now. Rick and Darron have always had the dream of opening up a motel
or cabins on the property and possibly a small campground.
To start our business we are purchasing a cabin and home located next to our
property which will be remodeled and become the first rentals for the Resort.
Interesting History of our business. The original owner's Uno and Sue
Warjacka had named the complex Wilderness Resort and Bar. It offered
cabins, bar, store and a sauna.

Rick, Michele, Darron and Jamie look forward to welcoming you, our
guests and will do all we can to provide a relaxing and pleasant vacation
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